Age of Torridan is ein Fantasy Roman über Ritter, Drachen und Magie. Das Buch ist derzeit nur in Englischer Sprache erhältlich, als ebook für Amazon's Kindle auf, und

Sprache: Englisch
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The future seems certain, devoid of promise. Ferro Torridan believes that his career as a knight has reached an impasse with his latest assignment at Mountain Watch garrison. All that changes when demons from an age gone by raze the outpost, killing most of his fellow knights. With the aid of his fiancÚ Leena and the other survivor, Knight Jarina Dagon, Ferro embarks on a journey to find out what prompted the attack. There's little respite for Ferro, as his survival puts him on the wanted list of a mysterious wizard, of the interim ruler of his homeland and of the queen of a neighboring state. All of these power players want him for different reasons and suddenly he finds that clearing his name of the accusation of being in league with the demons is the least of his worries: the events set in motion at Mountain Watch threaten to tear the world asunder. Ferro Torridan must face his fears if he is to save the world. But what is the mark of a true hero?